Lock Installation

Understand the concept of Working of master key.

A master key system is a set of locks and keys that are organized in a hierarchy with a key in the top position that controls many locks and many smaller keys at the bottom that operate one lock.

So in case you lose a key you can have access to your rooms via master key.  So, now it is easier for all of you to access your home with complete security.

How master key installment is considered as a best alternative.

Locksmith Jet (NY) can assist you in setting up and installing a master key system. It helps  to improve your security and provide easier access to your houses.

Even if you are out on some social event or work-related issue, and one of the members has to come earlier than others, the master key will be the savior. It can be beneficial in many ways:

  • Master key systems are an effective method for reducing the cost of installing and maintaining locks. By re-keying your old locks, you will not have to invest in expensive new hardware.
  • Master key systems can make sure you don’t lose control of your keys if they are coupled with a high-security lock.

For installation of the master key, Locksmith Jet NY can provide you with appropriate services.

Contact us on our customer services and our skilled technician will come to your benefit.

Front door lock key

If you want your residence to be completely safe,  Locksmith Jet NY’s 24-hour locksmith team is always available to provide you with assistance. Do you need help getting into your house after being locked out or has your house been broken into? We can assist you immediately.

Our team of professionals will be there to offer support. We can install new front door locks and security alarms that need the most critical security check for your front door. If you need advice on improving the security around the house, we can help with that too.

What services we provide:

Whether you need a new lock, a rekey, or have the doors rekeyed; our skilled locksmiths can fix them. We can also install their key or fit your door locks, such as biometric locks open by a finger swipe. With our experience in repairing locks for gates, garage doors and glass doors, we can even handle locks for inside doors to add an extra layer of security. When you first move in and don’t know if extra keys are out there, we can set you up with a new lock or rekey your old one according to your preferences as suits.

It’s essential to update your security regularly, so our team can come over to visit and assess your home security situation to determine what you might need. For example, we know how important it is to have strong strike plates to prevent the doors from being open by force. So we ensure to install that too.